Vision in companies and how it contributes to success

Vision is the big picture that companies set out where they are going to. At the start-up of most companies the vision is powerful, and focused in the mind of the entrepreneur.

If the company is to be successful, then attached to that vision is the aligned strategy – i.e. the plan that needs to be adhered to in order to achieve the vision. A good strategy determines the whole operational and market alignment, people alignment, the look-and-feel of the organisation’s culture and how that culture shapes up when tested in the activity of achieving the vision.

As the company starts to enjoy growth, more people enter the company. This is when the vision can become diluted and a little murky. The knock-on effect of dilution is that the strategy can become distracted – because the vision is becoming less clear.This is symptomatic of any organisation in the process of growth.

Growth times can be exciting for the sake of growth, yet brutally frustrating for the founder entrepreneur, and the expanding team of senior management. The orientation and alignment of the growing number of resources, is critical here. Too often both the people and operational assets are acquired and focussed on their functional excellence and ability to “do their jobs” – yet they potentially can be working in a void, unaware of the strategy and unknowingly isolated from the bigger picture.

These shifts away from strategic direction and towards other focus areas, cost businesses money. A lot of money.

To limit this negative financial impact, vision needs to be constantly refined as growth occurs. This is smart business practice. The vision as a picture becomes bigger and the strategy needs to take into consideration the additional elements and new variables such as new competitors, new market nuances and cash-flow stresses.  

The trick here in the strategy is two-fold:

  1. To ensure that the strategy is still applicable to the growing vision, and
  2. The communication of that strategy to the workforce so that it remains meaningful and relevant to them and their efforts.

Crystal clear vision, backed up by alignment across all of: strategy, operations, positioning, processes, and cash-flow management,  makes this kind of business a competitive force to be reckoned with.

How clear is your company’s vision? Has it been properly adjusted, focussed and backed up with impressive strategy?

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