Benefits of alignment


Companies perform multiple functions and processes while doing business. When a company does all this in alignment, the strategy of the company is met and very often exceeded. This creates higher profitability and earnings for shareholders.

Aligned companies penetrate target markets more successfully and start to develop a strategic presence in their marketplace. They experience better sales, better relationships with customers, better leadership and workforce engagement, and accelerated speeds of processing information, operations and responding to changes. One of the elements of aligning a business is ensuring that the vision of the company is clear. A clear vision enables a clear strategy which, in turn, drives growth and earnings. However, the converse is also true. Companies that operate with poor business alignment suffer. Their growth prospects shrink, profitability drains away, overheads rocket, and customers leave. In these situations staff display disengagement, apathy and escalated ill-discipline. Management resort to micro-managing people, good company culture erodes under this pressure and without good cash reserves and capital availability, these companies can face very uncertain futures.

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