Symptoms of poor alignment

Companies with poor business alignment operate in a state of chaos.

Poor business alignment symptoms include:

  • Profitability is not maximised
  • Sales plateau or decline
  • Marketing initiatives and campaigns are cut
  • Costs of sales escalate
  • Business focus becomes a crisis-management driven phenomenon
  • Strategic direction fails to exist
  • Stress levels escalate across the C-suite and other layers of management
  • Poorly articulated cost-cutting measures dominate management’s thinking
  • Customers are unhappy
  • Staff disengage and push-back
  • Blame culture takes a foothold and a lack of accountability creeps in
  • Key talent migrates out of the business
  • Performance of people, quality, and efficiency declines
  • Earnings and shareholder value declines

The probability that the business could lead the arena of industry in which it operates is lost to the “leadership” in poorly aligned businesses.


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