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Issues that make companies fail their earnings & growth potential, and make leaders collapse

There is a destructive phenomenon in this new reality of “permanent” recessionary times.
Its called collapse.

Business collapse symptoms look like this:click here to read more about these symptoms

  • Businesses are less in control of themselves, losing market share, and shedding brand value.
  • Executives wilting under stress – functionally, medically and financially.
  • Companies not seeing the light of day under a certain strategy.
  • Employees disengaging at an accelerating rate, and even moving on.
  • Shareholders demanding more returns out of a stretched organisation and don’t get them.

Beyond the business environment, the tentacles of this collapse reach into socio-personal lives contributing to fragmented personal relationships, parents spending less time with family, children in therapy, breadwinners medicated to cope. The list goes on, and doesn’t get any better.

So what options exist other than the business carrots dangled out there churning “the next big thing”? Is it the expansive growth being seen in Africa, China, and India, or is it the bigger C-suite remuneration package that supposedly compensates ludicrous work-stress.

Take notice of the word “work-stress”. This is not the word “workload”. The stress from work is because C-suite and other management are in a sandwich being crushed vertically trying to cope with:

Upward pressure from:

  • workforces demonstrating lower appetite for productivity, and
  • higher demands from clients for price competitiveness, expedient supply, and quality of both product and engagement;

and downward pressure from:

  • boards wanting higher earnings, and
  • management battling to articulate strategy and relevant organisational culture.

The underlying cause is the lack of business alignment.

Business alignment is lost when setbacks away from strategy distract the time and minds of leaders. This lack of direction filters rapidly down into the workforce who then indulgently escape measurement and accountability in the midst of the misalignment chaos.

The sad outcome is these misaligned businesses fail to deliver on high profitability and high potential.

This failure is a result of cause-driven and/ or effect-driven misalignment.

A cause-driven misalignment is the failure to create strategy correctly and then veering from the company vision. Direction is lost, driving an eternal catch-up like a dog chasing its tail. The evidence of cause-driven misalignment is the business energy is now focussed into this whirling and putting out of “fires” – instead of being applied into higher sales initiatives, better engagement innovations, seamless process developments, and better quality followed up with stronger market penetration and reaping a better profitability.

An effect-driven misalignment is a failure to relentlessly stick to good strategy. Here energy is simply not applied in high doses. In fact, energy is unwittingly drained from the business by a vampire-like culture.

Effect-driven misalignment is caused by a mix of :

  • Poor training levels.
  • Communication failures internally to staff.
  • Ineffective management of brand.
  • Organisational culture mismatched to the strategy.
  • Poor measurement of staff and low accountability.
  • Slack in C-suite buy-in to strategy and organisational culture.
  • Workforce surrendering productivity under micro-management styles.

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Business alignment

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